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Wedding Roles
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Deciding on the wedding roles for Best Man and Cheif Bridesmaid are often the most important but other wedding roles are equally as important and we have everything you need to know about the different wedding roles for your big day. We have a guide for each wedding role covering all the main points and duties they will have.
The Wedding Roles

Bestman - Wedding Role
You are essentially the groom’s escort as her trusty bridesmaids support the bride. Along with being the sidekick, you have some very important duties to fulfill.

Do’s & Do Not’s

Support groom throughout planning
Stay with groom night before the big day
Make sure he gets to the church on time
Organise the best stag night to remember
Organise all the ushers
Hand over the wedding rings, so keep them safe
Walk chief bridesmaid along the aisle
Read out a great best man speech

Do not
Get the groom to drunk or messy the night before
Read out an inappropriate rude speech
Get drunk yourself, OR at least wait until after your speech

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Bride - Wedding Role
Congratulations! Today’s the day.

As a bride you imagine yourself looking elegant in your dream dress and floating down the aisle. That is certainly going to happen however, planning your big day and being the bride-to-be can all get a little much if

Bridesmaids - Wedding Role
You are the chosen one! How to act the part and have FUN

Here’s a history lesson. Did you know the role of the bridesmaid goes as far back as the pagan times. People think that evil spirits would attend wedding ceremonies so by placing look a-likes around the bride, the evil spirits would not be able to single her out.

Groom - Wedding Role
She said, “Yes”! Now it’s just the small matter of the WEDDING

All you have to do on the day is say “I Do” but if it were only that simple.  If you think you can duck for cover away from the planning then think again.

Gone are the days when you simply stroll up to the ceremony in a suit you rented that morning. Even if you’re

Father of the Bride - Wedding Role
Dad plays a BIG part

As the father of the bride you will most likely have to pay a high proportion of the cost for the wedding, however there are a lot of other duties that you will need to fulfill. Now that you have emptied your wallet and your pockets, on the day you have will to give your daughter away and make a speech.

You wont necessarily need to be involved with the whole planning of the wedding but you can choose to if you wish. Some fathers like to leave it up to the bride, brides mother and the groom to make all the arrangements, either way its up to you.

Do not think your just a wallet, make sure you give your daughter plenty of support as well as fulfilling your formal duties on the day. Remember, this is one of your daughters greatest day of her life to have her wedding the way she has always imagined.

If you have a particular skill or experience in a certain area, please do not feel shy to step forward and offer your services. Maybe you know a little about wine tasting or have a flash sports car you could lend to the best man to ensure the groom arrives to the venue in style. Whatever you have to offer, your daughter will be much appreciative. Let her know that she can always come to you for help and support.

Mother of the Bride - Wedding Role
My daughter’s tied the knot!

Traditionally as the mother, there are several duties to perform from the planning of the wedding to the actual day of the event itself. Some duties are: -
Send out invitation and monitor the replies
Help with sorting out the guest list
Hire cars
Book a great photographer
….....And plenty more. But these days, you do not need to get involved so deeply and rather you help your daughter with decisions instead of making them for her. Also this way you’re keeping the piece and not treading on each others toes.

Thing to remember is to communicate with one another so that everyone is clear on what they are doing and are happy with all the decisions being made. Teamwork is critical in making sure planning is smooth and your daughter having one of the most special days of her life.

If for whatever reason the couple feel they want to take care of the whole lot themselves, try not to feel bad as planning a wedding is very stressful and time consuming. No doubt the couple will soon burn out and come back to you for a helping hand. Or on the other hand, you would have been lucky enough to have not put yourself through any of the stress and can happily enjoy the day of the wedding.

Parents of the Groom - Wedding Role
What exactly is the role?

The parents of the groom are normally the least involved members, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be. Tradition states that the brides parents pay towards a large proportion of the wedding costs but these days everyone is well too aware how expensive it can be so both sets of parents may wish to distribute the costs more evenly. Maybe the bride and groom may offer to contribute too.

Parents of the groom can do more than just help out with finances. As a gesture, the grooms parents may want something specific they can be involved in. As with the other roles with helping out, the key again is to make sure that everyone gets a long for a start. Make sure to communicate with one another so everyone is clear as to what needs doing so there is absolutely no confusion. The last thing the happy couple want is a big rift between both sets of parents to the running up of the wedding.

Usher(s) - Wedding Role
The usher duties…..

The usher is usually chosen by the groom and his best man however nowadays the decision is a joint one made by the couple. A good rule to follow would be to have one usher for every 50 guests.

Typically the usher would answer directly to the groom. Duties on the day are varied but relatively light which is
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having a traditional wedding, the chances are you’ll be involved in everything from choosing the music to what your guests eat on the day.

You might be lucky enough to avoid a trip to the florist and buying the gifts for the bridesmaid, however will have to stay alert when booking your honeymoon

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you don’t organise yourself and others right from the very beginning.

Here at Your UK Wedding, we are here to help. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to plan your wedding. Don’t forget to ask for help from your family, friends and trusty bridesmaids. Most importantly of all is to make sure that you have fun and now and again take the time out to relax.

Remember, you are planning one of the happiest days of your entire life and we are glad that Your UK Wedding will be a part of it to guarantee you have an extraordinary day

We’re hoping that the bride is not superstitious and won’t be concerned about all that mumbo jumbo. She has chosen you because you are the one who will be supportive in the planning of the wedding and on the day of the big occasion itself. Its an honour to have been asked

The role is extremely important and diverse. Duties include escorting her on shopping sprees (more like heaven in most cases) to organising a great hen night and walking her down the aisle. Make sure the bride does not give you a tacky dress for the day otherwise you know she doesn’t love you.

Remember to enjoy the whole experience from beginning to end.
basically helping out on the day should any situations arise where you can be of use. Something like helping to hand food and drink around or even help a guest whose in a wheelchair to their correct place in the ceremony.

You are sort of a butler in a sense, politely and calmly attending to guests needs making sure of the smooth running of the day. The best thing of all is that you get to escort the bridesmaids during the course of the day so watch out for your wondering hands.

Wedding Guests - Wedding Role
Lots to know about being a Guest…..

As the guest, make sure to make an effort to dress up for the occasion. You must read clearly on the invitation what the hosts have asked of you to be worn at the wedding. If the dress code is “Casual” this does not mean jeans, t-shirt and trainers. Be smart when you dress up as being over dressed is a much better look than being under dressed. Never wear anything white unless instructed to do so within the invite.

On receipt of your wedding invitation, make the preparations easier for your hosts by informing them as soon as possible on whether you will attend the ceremony or not. On the big day itself, remember to behave yourself and not drink too much. The couple is hoping to have the most wonderful day of their lives and would rather not be upstaged.

If you personally want to bring along someone with you, again take a look at your invite. If the invite is only addressed to you then it strictly means ‘just you’. If it says yourself plus family then it means yourself, your partner and children. This does not mean bring your aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters and cousins etc. The invitation may be addressed to you “plus guest”. The idea here would be to bring your partner or a date along with you. If you have children, they are not permitted to come along as the couple probably has plans for a childfree day. Make sure to inform your hosts of all the people you attend to bring along, as it will make it easier for them to sort out planning and seating arrangements.

Deciding on what present to buy the couple can be tricky. These days a gift list is sent within your invite of what the couple would like as a present. Remember the gift list is compiled for a reason and it is everything they would need and like so you cant go wrong. You will be in a much better position if you can sort out the present as soon as possible so your are not left with the really expensive items to buy or even look like a cheap skate as what tends to happen if you leave it too late is that all the mid-priced items have already been bought. If you’re feeling brave then dodge the gift list, however make sure the item you buy them is something the couple would really like and on the safe side, stick in the receipt so that they can exchange it if they’re not happy.
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