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Wedding Flowers Advice
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Wedding flowers: How to choose your wedding flowers

At Your UK Wedding we are here to help you with everything and this section details everything you need to know about wedding flowers.

We hope you are used to receiving bunches of flowers from your husband-to-be and that we loves splashing his cash on them.

He will know that flowers makes us girls happy and this is good when it comes to budgeting for flowers as he will want to make you happy on your special day and will want you to have plenty of pretty flowers on your big day.
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The hard part is choosing what flowers and how many you need. There will be plenty needed for different parts of the wedding and those include your bouquet and bridesmaids bouquet, flowers for your hair, reception decorations, church decorations, pew trimmings, altar displays and even flowers for gifts to your mum and mother in law to be.

Our guide is here to assist you with everything you need to know about wedding flowers, this includes where to buy, what to buy, how to budget for the cost, season by season flowers, fake and silk flowers, different flowers for different venues, bouquets and bouquet preservation.

Where to buy?

You can visit our Supplier Directory to find Wedding Flower Suppliers in your local area

How to choose your Wedding Flower Supplier or Wedding Florist

How to find the perfect wedding florist for your day

Wedding flowers are one of the most glamorous and beautiful parts of your wedding day, so our guide is here to help you find a florist or wedding flower supplier who understands what you require, what flowers you want and what type of service suits your budget.

Start looking

Get an idea and feel for what wedding flower designs you like by looking at magazines, books and online. Also make a note of which wedding florists or wedding flower suppliers you like the work of. You will be able to find local wedding flower suppliers in our wedding supplier directory and in wedding magazines. If you have chosen your venue the venue may a list of recommended florists you may want to arrange appointments with to see their work.
Wedding Flowers by Blue Sky Flowers, Click Photo to view their details
What type of questions should I ask the florists

When you go to meet your florist you can take along snippets from magazines or print outs from online of exactly what you are looking for. Pictures are the most helpful way to help the florist understand the style you would like for your wedding. You may wish to have a colour theme through the wedding so make you take information of your venue, dresses and bridesmaids dresses, the florists will be able to tell you what is and isn’t suitable. Have a budget in mind so that the florist can help to show what you can get for your budget. Remember some flowers are cheaper in different seasons and be open minded to suggestions as the florists are the experts.
Wedding Flowers by Karen Woolven, Click Photo to view their details
Questions you may want to ask are:

Do you specialise in weddings and how many do you do each year?
Do you do more than one wedding each day?
Can I have multiple locations for delivery?
What flowers are most common in the season of my wedding?
Is there a way I can reduce the costs from what you have quoted?
Can I see samples and picture of the table set-up before the wedding?
Do you preserve the bouquet afterwards as well?
Can I see photographs and testimonials from other weddings you have worked on?
Are the hire of vases and candlebars included in the price?
Can I pay a deposit and when would I need to pay the final balance?

Book in advance

Once you are happy make sure you book it up straight away and this can be as far in advance as you like, florists tend to get book up quite quickly especially in the peak summer season so make sure you get your name down asap. You will more than likely need to meet up with the florist again about 2 or 3 months before the wedding to reconfirm the flowers are available and the colours.

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