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Wedding Budgeting
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Remember you can have a great wedding on pretty much any budget. We have details about the wedding budgets,budget tips, ways to save money, advice on how to have a cheaper wedding, a tradtional who's who and what they pay for and Financial Services avaliable View the sections below to get a better idea of how to budget for your wedding.
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It might be the most glamarous part of the wedding but is probably the most important. The main and first issue you face is who's paying for what. It is important you establish this part first before going any further budgeting.

More and more couples are choosing to pay for the wedding themselves or at least the main bulk of it. It is also becoming more flexible compared to traditional times where the father of the bride would pick up the tab for the main event and the groom paying for the things like the church and honeymoon. Now the costs are being split between the couples two sets of parents.

Remember whatever you decide our advice and guides help make it easier to get the wedding you want

Basic Budgeting Info
The most important advice we can give is to only budget for what you realistically can afford. This is why it is so important to sit down at the very begning and decide who is paying for what. You need to see if there are any financial problems you may face. You need to know how much money you have to play around with. Try to decide on how many people you decide on having to wedding reception and to the evening party before you start planning what money goes where.

How much does a average wedding cost?

The average wedding cost of a wedding is around £17,000. This average includes the dress and suits £1,800. The reception can cost around £4,000. Things like the wedding rings and honeymoon come in around £1,500 each so there are alot things to think about when budgeting for a wedding.

What's the easiest way to save money?

Well shopping around for your venue can save a considerable amount of money. Just by adding £2.00 per meal at your reception can meal a large hike in overall cost depending on the amount guests. Make sure you shop around for your dress as some independant bridal shops may be charging alot higher for the same dress in a larger boutique or chain of boutiques (Always check the internet). A photographer is one of the most important thing to pay for so you don't want to skimp on this however prices vary by a large from photographer to photographer so be wary to check out their work and their prices too.

How do I keep track of what I have paid for and what needs to be paid?

Why not open a separate savings or bank account for you to pay a set amount in a month. This way you can always pay the suppliers etc from this account and this way keeping a log of what has been paid and what hasn't been paid for yet.

We have a budget planner which is downloadable or available by post and/or email on request. This budget planner will help you decide how much to spend on each item. It also gives you guidelines of the average spent for those items at weddings. Gives details of items or services you hadn't thought of that are in addition to the normal wedding. We always say add 5 to 10 percent to your budget which will help you cope with any additional costs.
Tips on budgeting for your wedding
Why not get your hair styled at a salon that requires models this saves money for experimenting new hair styles for the big day.

Do you own make-up. You can go along to boots or your local departmemt store for a trial which is free and then wait for the products you want to go into the sale or when they have offers on.

Do you need a photographer for the whole day? Well if you not fussed on professional photos all day why not hire one for the few most important hours. This is always a way saving considerable money.

Don't invite everyone you know. Try to keep the numbers down, at some venues you can be paying up to £50.00 per person to share it with you so if they are friends of the family and you con't really know them just invite them later to the evening. If they are your parents friends and they are paying for the reception then probably not the best idea to argue but all the same keeping the numbers down counts. If you are getting married abroad then only invite who you feel is the most important to you and have a party when you get home for everyone else.

The groom can hire his outfit rather than buying it. Check out our wedding suppliers section for Groomswear and Menswear

If you have a friend or family with a great car why not ask them to chauffeur for you to save on the transport costs.

Try a buffet rather than a sit down meal. It is usually cheaper than the sit down menu's and also if you are you maybe able to save on waiting staff costs.

Wedding invitations can be expensive so why not make your own.

Wedding Favours again can be expensive why buy a DIY range.

Basically anything you can do yourself like place cards, button holes etc then although it will be extra work you will save a lot of money to spend on other parts of the wedding that require it.

If you go to wedding exhibitions you may find dresses at cut down prices. Also look out Bridal Shop sales.

Major considerations when budgeting for your wedding

Why not do it like they did in the old days. A tradditional wedding breakfast with an early wedding and brunch. Depending on the amount of people and the tpe of guests because it finshes mid-afternoon they won't drink as much which if you are paying for the drink will save you money.

Any venue is worth looking at. Church Hall, Village Hall, Community Centre. With a little imagine and some venue decorations you can turn it into the perfect wedding venue.

Do you need an evening party? Why not just invite all the people you didn't want at the day wedding and were going to come to the evening all down to the local once you are back of your honeymoon. Saves a large amount on that added expense for evening guests.

Not fussed on an English Summer Wedding? Saturdays in Summer are more expensive than a Friday in Autumn or Winter. The colours and themes for winter weddings are gorgeous so think about this before you set your date as you can save loads of money by having a wedding out of season.

Instead of having desert at your wedding reception meal why not get them to eat the wedding cake, after all thats what it should be for?

Always ask for help. If you know a DJ ask for a discount. Know a  friend whos a photographer why not get them to share the responsabilty with the professional or if you are confident in their ability get them to photograph the whole thing.
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