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Wedding Photography and your tight budget
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Okay, you are on a tight budget.  Most real weddings are these days, with the exceptions of the celebrity ceremonies kindly sponsored and paid for by the the readers of glossy magazines.  You might be thinking, dress done, venue sorted, ceremony booked, bouquet is beautiful, lets save money and ask a relative with his new £500 digital SLR to take the pictures.  After all, its easy, right? Wrong!  Wedding photography is a skill, its technical, challenging, and stressful. Competent hobbyists who know what they are doing shy away from Wedding's, and with good reason.  It can go very wrong, very easily.

Firstly, the Photographer has one chance to get the picture.  This requires years of skill, and perfect timing. Think about the seconds you have to capture the ring being placed on a finger, the kiss, the tears, and the look on the Groom's face when he see's the bride for the first time. Do you really want to rely on the uninitiated to do this for you? Do you want to miss having those to keep, forever?

Then there is the technical aspect.  Most weddings take place in dimly lit venues.  You need special equipment to deal with this. Remember the DSLR mentioned above?  The pop up flash is like trying to light up a stadium with a match.  Often, the Vicar refuses permission for flash photography.  Then you need a special low light lens, and a camera capable of exceptional ISO speeds and low digital noise, to produce even a handful of good images under these conditions.

The reason you hire a Photographer is to deal with this for you.  You memories shouldn't be relegated to a few blurred images enthusiastically captured by uncle Bob, or cousin Geoff on his camera phone.  Your pictures are all you have to remind you of the day, so, please, make sure you don't regret not hiring a Photographer.

Magical Photos have pioneered changes in the traditional Wedding Photography industry.  It's more affordable than ever, with Wedding shoots from £395, and you get a large number of images on CD, copyright free, to use, and share with family and friends.  No hidden charges, and can fit into almost any budget. Visit for more information.
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