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Plan that perfect Hen Party
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If you are the chief bridesmaid, then as soon as this "esteemed" position is made known to you...take a deep breath...don’t let panic set in...follow this 10 point checklist.

1. Consult with Bride
Your first move should be to approach the VIP and ascertain what she wants. Hen parties have gone ahead with the bride kept completely in the dark and gone screamingly well. And for others it’s been a complete disaster, you really don’t want to run that risk!

The two of you should decide what form the celebrations are to take, e.g. pole dancing or pampering, where to eat, time for a dance and where to lay your weary, partied out head for the night. Think about: timescale, activities, food, accommodation and of course alcohol.

2. Date
Traditionally  this has always been the weekend prior to the wedding. With hen parties, this is often the most preferred since if the activities include some form of pampering it is the perfect prelude to the big day.

Ideally you should get the key personnel committed to one date as soon as possible.

3. Guest List
Only the bride can help you with this one. However, to aid you in your task you need to know key factors such as:
how many
where they live
who knows who
special requirements, i.e. vegetarian, teetotaller

4. Cost
It is important to bear in mind that there will be a variety of budgets to cater for. It’s all too easy to get over-enthusiastic only to find that the bride's closest friend can’t afford to join you.

5. Location
A hasty word of warning, this area may very well cause you the biggest headache.
Allow yourself extra time when deliberating location. Also remember that very often the bride wishes to be away from home territory making your task harder due to unfamiliarity.

6. Activities
The cries of "BUNGEE" ring out loud and clear but the volunteers are not forthcoming.
The options are now so extensive from pot-holing to pot-making. You have to do the research. You have determined the location, now find out what is available - remember the budget.

7. Communicate with Guests
Prepare to spend hours emailing! You need to write to all those included, extending an invitation. Outline the proposed itinerary, date, cost and location. Always, always always insist on a RSVP by a set date.

8. Deposits
Whatever plans you have made, deposits will be required from the guests. This also helps to cut down the knock-on effect of the inevitable "non-attendees". We all know the girl - she's keen, wants to join in everything, all ready to party ... then the night before her in-growing toenail causes her too much pain.

9. Make the Bookings
Confirm all bookings, i.e. for accommodation, activities, transport, evening entertainment, food and send required deposits.

10. Confirmation with Guests
Write back to all guests confirming arrangements. Outline where they need to be, at what time, what to pack, what to wear, and how much they still owe.

Remember any maps and any special little requirements, i.e. those "naughty" little gifts for the bride.

Ten steps to guide you through organising the perfect hen party.
A very daunting prospect but there is help at hand in the guise of a company called Freedom whose key word is "effortless" - music to your ears. A Freedom representative will be assigned as your party planner - in essence they take off the stress leaving you to enjoy the party!

Freedom has a database of venues, activities, entertainment and can fit together a party to suit your needs. However bizarre.

It gets better, not only is the stress removed, you get more for your money. Freedom receives discount packages that you alone organising a party would never be offered.
So ...

10 steps to organising the perfect hen party, or one click on

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